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  Mixed-breed Dog

If you know that you want a dog or a cat, how do you know where to get one? Once you find a good place, how do you find the pet that will be a good match for you and your lifestyle? Maybe you already know exactly what kind of pet you want, but don't know where to go to get one.

A Dog? A Cat? Which Breed?

If you think you want a dog or cat, but don't know which breed, you may be able to narrow it down with a visit to PetNet's select-a-pet breed finder for dogs or cats. Answer a few multiple-choice questions about what you want in a pet — size, temperament, grooming requirements — and it will recommend several breeds that match your interests, and provide links for more detail on each.

  Maine Coon Cat

And don't forget — sometimes the best breed is not one particular breed, but a mix. Unless you have a preference or a need for a specific breed, don't overlook mixed-breed pets. They're every bit as loving and playful as the ones that come with certified papers.

Adopt a Homeless Pet

Petfinder.com can help you find a homeless pet to adopt. If you've never considered a pet from a shelter because you want a purebred, you're missing something. All kinds of animals find themselves in shelters for one reason or another. Some shelters will even keep your name and preferred breed on file and call you when one arrives.

Most dog breeds have a "rescue" society — a group of people dedicated to that breed who foster unwanted animals until a good home is found.