July Promotion

Prevent pesky heartworms in your dog and cat with $10 off heartworm tests and 10% off heartworm preventives for dogs and cats during the month of July! Learn more about parasite prevention and treatment for your pet.

Pet Dental Incentive

Many pet owners aren't aware of the role dental health plays in the overall health of their pet. Dental disease is the most common infectious disease seen among dogs and cats. Once a pet is diagnosed with dental disease, it needs to be treated professionally.

If we've seen and diagnosed your pet with dental disease, and you get it treated within a month of the diagnosis at our hospital, you will receive our dental incentive offer — 20% off your pet's dental cleaing (excluding extractions).

Send A Friend & Get $25 Off

Receive a $25 credit on your account for the referral of a friend or family member! They will also receive a free first office visit.

We appreciate the confidence you've shown in us by telling your friends about our hospital. We hope you and your friends will continue to be satisfied with the quality of care that our doctors and staff provide.