When we need laboratory information FAST to help your pet, we can do blood chemistries and electrolyte analyses, complete blood counts, urine, fecal, ear and skin evaluations, radiographs, and ultrasounds right in the hospital. When your pet is in need of specialized tests, a wellness screening, or blood work monitoring for a chronic condition, we will send your pet's samples to an outside laboratory. Sending samples to an outside laboratory is more efficient when time is not of the essence and it allows us to spend more face-to-face time with you and your pet.

Blood Chemistry

A blood chemistry panel gives us information about your pet's internal organ function. It evaluates kidney and liver function, screens for diabetes, checks electrolytes and protein levels.

Complete Blood Count

A complete blood count gives us information about your pet's blood cells. It screens for anemia, infection, inflammation, and clotting capabilities.


A urinalysis is an essential part of evaluating your pet's overall health. It screens for blood cells, bacteria and crystals; normal urine is void of these. It also helps to evaluate kidney health.

Fecal Intestinal Parasite Testing

In accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, we test fecal samples twice yearly on all pets. Pets can pick up intestinal parasites just by going outside and we can bring them into the house. Even indoor potting soil can contain intestinal parasite eggs, which is why it's important to test fecal samples on all of our pets, even those that don't venture outdoors.

Ear & Skin Cytologies

Both dogs and cats can develop ear infections. When treating an ear infection, it's important to do an ear swab cytology. We look for white blood cells, bacteria (rods or cocci) and yeast to diagnose the cause so that we can appropriately treat the infection.

There are a variety of skin conditions that may require diagnosis by skin cytology. Most skin cytologies consist of looking for bacteria, yeast, mites and fungal infections.

Digital Radiographs & Ultrasound

We have digital x-ray technology in our hospital. Digital radiographs have many benefits over film radiographs including, sharper and clearer images, magnification and measurement abilities, and ease of sharing should your pet require specialist services at one of our referral hospitals. This technology also limits the exposure of radiation to your pet

Ultrasound, which uses sound waves instead of radiation, allows us a more detailed view inside your pet's body.

These imaging tests are painless, easy and safe ways to diagnose and treat your pet for sickness or injury.

If your pet is sick or injured, please call Animal Hospital of Streamwood at (630) 837-4400.