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Emily — Head Client/Patient Care Coordinator

Emily, Animal Hospital of Streamwood Emily joined the Animal Hospital of Streamwood team in July 2013. She previously worked as a pet sitter for 10 years and has always loved taking care of animals. Emily has fun working at an animal hospital, where she is surrounded by a variety of great pets and gets to meet so many wonderful pet owners. At home, Emily has a very vocal black cat named Minnie. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends and family.

Geri — Client/Patient Care Coordinator

Geri, Animal Hospital of Streamwood Geri has been part of the Animal Hospital of Streamwood team since 1998. She enjoys helping our clients provide the best possible care for their pets and treasures the friendships that she has formed with clients and coworkers through the years. Pets have always been a very important part of Geri's life — she and her husband currently have a rescued cat named Franklin, a papillion named Keli, and they recently added two rescued papillions, Flower and Julie. In addition to loving pets, Geri enjoys traveling, being outdoors, and creating handcrafted greeting cards.

Judy — Client/Patient Care Coordinator

Judy with Cat

Judy has been in veterinary medicine for almost 40 years. It began when she became a single mother, raising four children ages 11, 10, 9 & 7. Her love of animals brought her to a job in a pet store where a local veterinarian would come to examine and vaccinate the puppies. Judy cared for them and assisted the doctor. One day, he called and offered her a position at his animal hospital. Shortly after starting there, she began taking veterinary technician classes at the College of Lake County. Upon completing that course, she was promoted to hospital manager. The next step was Parkland College, where she was among the first group to become certified veterinary technicians in the state of Illinois. She and five of that group formed the Illinois Association of Veterinary Technicians and Assistants and Judy was secretary/treasurer. Then came the Sunset Act. She and several other fellow CVTs drove to Springfield (several times) to defend their certification and were successful.

After 20 years with the same doctor and practice, she realized that she had to search for another animal hospital closer to home. Judy has now been at Animal Hospital of Streamwood for 20 years! She co-owns three dogs with her children. Two are yorkies, Lulu and Mister (who she shares with her daughter), and the other is a shih-tzu mix, Zoey, who lives with her son. In her spare time, she is an avid bird watcher, enjoys her summer home, fishing, reading, and doing crossword puzzles (in ink!).


Laurie — Client/Patient Care Coordinator

Laurie, Animal Hospital of Streamwood Laurie is a client/patient care coordinator at Animal Hospital of Streamwood. She is happy to be back working at an animal hospital again after 20 years. Laurie loves to garden; that's where you'll find her three seasons of the year. She also enjoys camping, cooking, spending time with her husband, and their three boys. They have a cat named Enzo, who was a stray. You'll find Enzo in the flower beds, too; he's Laurie's gardening buddy. (It could have something to do with the catnip she grows there for him!)